As the sole copywriter of Article, Katie works to establish a charismatic, consistent brand voice across all company channels.

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Caffe La Tana

Brand Consultant, Writer

Working with the Savio Volpe restaurant group, Katie assisted in branding and retail copy efforts for the recently launched Caffe La Tana. Pop down and buy a bag of beans or a pack of Puttanesca to experience her copy (and some delicious Italian food) in real time.


Cactus Club Cafe


The Cactus team required assistance writing applications for industry awards. Interviews were conducted and amalgamated into a comprehensive overview of the restaurant's successes. Guess what? They won.

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Later Media

Email marketing, branding

Later helps brands simplify and manage their visual content strategies. Katie worked with Later to build out a comprehensive Tone of Voice branding strategy, and to optimize and focus the content of their onboarding emails.


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MyModernCloset seeks to revolutionize the ecological effects of the fashion industry by redirecting consumer dollars into pre-loved items. Katie works with the MCM team as a writer, where she contributes monthly columns concerning feminism and fashion. She also writes other opinion pieces and longer-form research articles focussing on the fallacy of trends, humor, and food.

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Owner, Principal Designer

Katie acted as owner-operator of Serpent from 2014-2018. During her time, Serpent built out over 50 weddings with budgets from $100 to $60,000, contributed to photoshoots and activations for brands like Truvelle Bridal and LuluLabs, and offered indoor plant care consultation. Katie still accepts select floral projects. If you’re interested, drop her a line.

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Marketing Manager

As marketing manager for expense-management company Trippeo, Katie oversaw digital campaigns, PR efforts, and optimizing the Trippeo brand. In addition to her marketing duties, Katie worked to boost CEO Adarsh Pallian's personal brand and online following with thought-leadership articles. At their most popular, the posts saw upwards of 100,000 views on LinkedIn.

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Katie worked with the Kakadu team to develop a landing page for a Division 10 wall-protection company that would work in tandem with Kakadu's own video marketing efforts. The client was looking to make initial contact with more construction management companies. To improve the copy, Katie refocused their CTA and cleaned up the qualifying text.

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